May 28, 2015

This And That - Summer Days

My car has been in the shop the past two weeks.  Thus the kids and I have been on an unexpected home vacation day after day. 
 But if there was ever a time of year to be stuck at home, this would be it.  We are loving that the weather makes our home bigger than four walls.  More time is spent outside of the house than in every day.
 On the rare occasion I am inside, I decided to take on the project of the kids' toys.  The toy box that Josh built is great but everything small falls to the bottom.  When the kids want to play with something it seems the toys get strewn all over the house.  The idea of small containers was considered and while everything is much more visible, they are then accessible to the kids.  Trying to promote use of the toys the kids have and try and chase away those "I am bored" feelings and encourage the play with one bin at a time rule.  (and the toy box is now home to just the big toys that used to be on the shelf such as the baby stroller, drum and keyboard.)
 While not sure this system would work I was encouraged that within a 1/2 hour I found the kids happy playing with different bins of toys.
And so far, a week later, the bin system has made our days less cluttered and more full.  I also found that sometimes I rearrange the bins on the shelf to cause the kids to stop and notice something different.  Taking a note from my local grocery story that is doing renovations.  Where not knowing where something is on my grocery list is a bad thing - making the kids look around their toy shelf is a good thing.  Brings things to the "new" category without actually getting anything new.  (quite the opposite as the fisher price people that the kids love the play with were my brother's toy many many years ago) 
And after days of just mama and the kids you can believe that time with daddy home from work is more special then ever.  We are loving our summer days and as I keep reminding myself, it is still just May.  Our days in the land of the midnight sun are here.


mother said...

Such good pictures. Really love the first one of the babies in the tubs. I may just have to print that one for my locker at work. haha And the one of Josh with a lap full of arms and legs all akimbo. (good word, huh?)

heath said...

oh your wonderful outlook on things :) I was laughing out load as I read the part about the grocery store. It's the worst kind of change right? Having to 'relearn' where things are in new groceries stores is truly my least favorite thing about moving. I love the idea of changing things up and using the bins. very smart. Great pics of kids. I especially love them in the tubs together. So so SO sweet