May 12, 2015

Off Roading It

Living where we do and having built the house we did means a few things.  First, a dirt road.  When you live on a dirt road with a gravel driveway there aren't too many childhood memories of sidewalk chalk or biking from home.  Second, when you build your own home out of the woods the house, garden, shop, woodshed and more come before grass.  As a result most of our property is still rambles of trees, rose hip thorns, random raspberry bushes and piles of leaves.
 But when you are a little two year old who knows no different it doesn't bother you at all.  Most people would see a little ride on truck as the perfect toy for the sidewalk down to the corner.
But around here it works just fine being ridden over the brambles, gravel, and through the woods.  This boy loves to be outside and he loves his trucks.  


heath said...

Your children make their own wonderful memories...they live in such a beautiful home built with love---in beautiful Alaska. Sidewalk chalk has nothing on snowmaching, playing in the yummy garden, or visiting the chickens :)

Anonymous said...

Is he wearing his bib?