May 25, 2015

My Baby

You might have noticed in the pictures from last week's post in Denali, Naomi has fallen in love with baby dolls.  So much so that this girl is rarely without one.
Watching my little baby carry around her baby does something to me.  How I love this little lady.  And even as she steps into the role of being a little mama she has gotten one thing for certain - try taking away one of these babies and she becomes a mama bear.  No one touches her baby dolls.


mother said...

I can see that look of defense in her eyes! So cute. As I've said before, a child that shows love to a toy or doll is a child who has received great love.

Heather said...

Like momma, like sister ;) She's so stinking cute and I love that puffy diaper bum!! :) She's adorable!!! Does she have her own? or does she share with A? Any names for hers?

Heath said...

I just noticed she has TWO and one is a red head! :) Her little E :)