May 4, 2015

Learning By Example

Abigail loves her baby dolls.  Throughout the days she dresses them, feeds them, carries them, takes them to the dr's (they get sick a lot) and puts them down for a nap.
 And through all of this Naomi watches.  There really isn't much she enjoys more then watching Ethan and Abigail play.  And as she watches she is learning.
So much so that the second she is alone she just might attempt to change a baby's diaper by herself.  And even though the actual diapering experience failed she sure does feel proud of herself.  Yes, in this house our baby girls has a whole bunch of people to learn from and so far she is an A+ student.

1 comment:

heath said...

those watchful eyes....makes us realize how they just look at everything we do and say. Do you ever look at her and think this is what you must have done as the youngest of three?

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