May 29, 2015

Friday - Homestead Update

As I mentioned yesterday, I keep having to remind myself it is still May.  The weather has been lovely, sunny and warm and with that things are growing.  Even as the past few days are cooling down the plants have had a good jump start.  The entire garden is in the main area and we are already getting blossoms on the zucchini plants, mini tomatoes in the greenhouse and the carrots and beet seeds are sprouting out of the soil.  For some reason I have lost several of my beautiful pumpkin plants.  I have watered, fertilized and worried over them and sadly pulled the dead ones out one at time.  No internet help has worked and I am at a loss as to why the pumpkins have been doomed.  And as much as the plants are growing so are the weeds.  How thankful I am to have the garden in but now the work of maintaining it has begun.  
On the rest of this silly little homestead - the chickens moved out of their brooding box and into the pen.  The kids LOVE this since they can go down and visit the chickens without me whenever they want.  Before they had to wait for us to open up the box but now the chickens are at the fence and gladly eat the flowers they are brought as gifts.  Although they are still small they are growing, getting a lot of adult feathers we feel good at referring to them as the fat ladies once again.  We had a situation the other day where we were concerned some might have gotten out of the fence.  We tried to count them, these ladies move a lot, and it was so trying.  So we set up a divider and Josh lifted each one over and we counted as we went.  We did it over and over to check because we started with 32, lost 3 and could only count 30.  Not math we have ever seen before but I know we started with 32 so at this point we will just wait until butchering day to get a clear count.

And the bees, well you can imagine how happy they are to have the extra pollen starting to show up.  All in all, things are feeling good.


mother said...

Soooo-you started with 32 chickens and lost 3. That equals to 29 in my book. Where did 30 come from and why do you feel you lost more? I am confused.
Sorry about the pumpkins. Bummer. Still have some plants or are they all gone?
Yay for beets and tiny tomatoes! And honey!
Take some pics of the chickens with feathers and bees, please.

Heather said...

SOUNDS like happy, healthy, growing homestead :)

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