May 8, 2015

Friday Homestead Update

Earlier this week Josh finished our baby chick's new brooding box.  Two years ago we kept the babies in our arctic entry way in a kiddy pool, we will NEVER do that again.
 That knowledge, plus the fact that we are doubling our numbers, meant we needed a new spot to put our babies until they grew their adult feathers and could be outside.  So a brooding box it was.  Of course Josh is amazing and built a great place for these chicks.  The kids had a lot of fun helping to paint the box the other day, and much to her dismay Naomi had to watch from the gate.
 The box, heat light, food, water and new fresh sawdust - we were ready to welcome our 32 chicks to their new home.
The kids are so very, very excited.  They love to visit every day.  Yesterday after I let the kids go say hi to the chicks Abigail started to cry, "I am just so sad because I never want them to grow up, I just want my baby chicks to stay my cute babies forever."  And there we are people, the problem that most women face all around the world.  Here it starts early.


Anonymous said...

Oh they ARE so cute!!! If we all thought the butterfly incident was traumatic I am anxiously dreading the day when your chickens are in the freezer and not the yard...
Good job on the brooding box and fence/yard. Very nice!

heath said...

OH MY!!! haha...I'm laughing at Hil's comment about the butterfly incident. she's got a point. Great job Josh!! Abigail looks VERY pleased with the situation ;) Her hair is very cute too!!! I love the childhood you are making for your kiddos. How long do you let them grow before D-day?

mother said...

And just HOW will you explain the sudden disappearance of all these chickens in a few short weeks??? Abigail doesn't want her babies to grow up, not even having a clue what they are growing into---- You have a dilemma here, my dear!! A farmer has a tough outlook on reality and our sweet little A is simply NOT cut out of that farmer detachment cloth, I am afraid.