May 1, 2015

Friday Garden Update

So I am starting to think that I should be calling these the homestead updates this year vs. the garden updates.  You see, in addition to the garden we are also raising chickens again and trying our hand in raising a hive of bees.
The great thing about the bees is that I am not doing it alone.  An older neighbor of mine has done them for several years and has decided to take me under his wing in this process.  I am learning SO MUCH and loving it.  Last week I went up and spent the evening in his garage building a few new boxes for the bees.
Then the next day the bees arrived and I suited up to try my hand in bee keeping.  Being told to take off your glove and reach your hand into a box of about 5,000 bees to pull out the queen can be quite nerve racking but wonderful too.  So far our bees are finding pollen from pussy willows and a few other things that seem to be in bloom these early spring days but we are also feeding them a lot of sugar water.  Today Abigail and I get to go paint one of the bee boxes.  I don't feel like I can call us a farm without large animals but with all we have going on this year I do believe the Klynstra homestead just might be the label for us.

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heath said...

so so SO cool!! I love the "Klynstra Homestead" :) I can't wait to hear ALL ABOUT the bees!!! Did you get stung??? I don't even know how you can stick your hand in and NOT get stung??? You look great in your beekeeper 'gear' ;) Such a go getter Kathleen!! You sure do amaze me all the time. Love ya!

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