May 6, 2015

Family Work

There has been a lot of outdoor work these past few weeks.  
 One of the new projects has been to get ready for our new family of baby chicks.
 And whenever Josh works it draws quit a crowd. 
 How hard can it be to get good solid work done with so much "help" right.


mother said...

Two thoughts--that baby is SO CUTE!!! And, it makes me tired to see Abigail manage to make mud pies or dig in the dirt or WHATEVER she does while lugging along a baby under an arm. How much simpler tasks could be were she to have 2 hands to do them with. Now, where does she learn to hold a baby and try to do everything with one arm??? Hmm?

heather said...

Little Naomi. It's so funny, in one picture I think I see who she looks like--but then I see another picture and she just has her 'own' look. Beautiful nonetheless. ;) What does Ethans hat 'R' stand for? It looks like the chicks are down below the house? Was this where the potatoes were a few years back?