May 7, 2015

As The Snow Melts, We Prepare

The thing about being a household that stays warm via a wood stove, you never take a vacation.  In the winter you work on moving wood in, stacking it and burning it for warmth.  In the spring/summer/fall you work at gathering, splitting and stacking to prepare for those winter months.
For the first time ever we decided to go extravagant and buy our wood already cut and split instead of in full tree lengths.  With all the work Josh has ahead of him already this summer at work and at home it is a real joy to look in the yard at the pile.  With this one splurge we have moved our split wood pile, that we don't usually see until August or September, to April.  Now we just need to get it moved into the shed and it can start drying away.  As the days get long and summer arrives we always have to be preparing for the winter ahead.


Anonymous said...

worth the splurge... PB& J will taste good while looking at that pile!

heath said...

WOW!!!! there ya go!!!

mother said...

What a relief for you both!! Even with 24 hours of sunlight, there's just so much a person can do in a day. Smart move!!