April 22, 2015

What Caused The Quiet

Josh has been working a lot these past few weeks.  Field season is upon us and there is work for him to do.  The kids and I are busy, filling our days and time without daddy around.  I am getting used to doing the juggle solo.  But on Saturday Josh had the chance to be home with us.  Dinner time arrived and I found myself cooking dinner alone.  It gave me pause for a minute.  The lack of little hands reaching for the items on the counter, no little person walking my steps holding on to my legs as I move and the quiet as I chopped, stirred and prepared.  I looked around and smiled.
 A little boy sitting with his daddy, watching and learning from this man he loves so much and has missed so very much these past few weeks.
And these sisters, playing quietly as they sort through this doll's diaper bag and move things from here to there.  This family of mine, those I love so much, finding contentment as they wait.  Play, talk, learning, and discovering as they trust me to put food on the table to fill them all.  In the days since dinner time has gone back to the pure chaos that single parenting at dinner time brings but this day, it makes me smile.  Something to remember for sure.


Mother said...

Happy little household. Loved the pic of wee Ethan so intent on watching his cherished Daddy.

heath said...

So very blessed...Thank you LORD! You and Josh are doing a beautiful job my friend.

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