April 7, 2015

The Sugar High

Easter is a full day and thus really has to have two blog posts.  After church and nap time is was finally the "kids" time.
Easter baskets were ready and on the table when the naps ended and oh how excited the kids were.  Ethan got a bike horn and Abigail got a bike bell.  Ethan could not stop laughing at the sound his horn made.  They also both got a box of bandaids.  The next day Abigail had 8 hello kitty pictures all over her body.  Oh a box of bandaids to do anything she wanted with, the perfect gift.  When she gave me one yesterday she requested that I call her nurse nancy (in reference to one of her favorite books).  Unfortunately she is also learning the pain of removing 8 bandaids but it is all a learning process.
And then their easter baskets each included a few peeps and a chocolate bunny.  The bunny we saved for the next day but they kids were amazed when I say yes to their requests to eat ALL three of their peeps.  Candy and a green light to eat more then one.  A dream come true.
After the baskets the kids needed to run off their sugar rush so we headed outside for an egg hunt.
If you have been to our blog before you know we are old pros at egg hunts.  They are such a great outdoor activity we did hunts about 20 times last year.  The kids were super excited that this time some of the eggs actually included a jelly bean.  (Josh and I think the hunt should be the fun part, not sure if they kids agree but it was fun to see their faces when they found out the eggs held a treat).
Yes, sugar rushes and outdoor fun on an Easter afternoon before a simple spaghetti dinner.  That is the way this family rolled and it was good.


heath said...

A is looking SO GROWN UP in these pics. Her rosy face color with her bright brown eyes and blonde hair is STUNNING. Did she mention anything about her HUGE CHOCOLATE EASTER BUNNY from last year?? I was laughing thinking about that. For a little one that LOVES candy, Easter is sure to be yet another favorite time of year for her.....
Ethan looks like a little bear in his furry brown jacket. Their boots are cute and I love that they all have on your hand made hats. Great photos..great post! YOU ARE THE ONLY PERSON IN THE US TO PUT BAND AIDS in your child's easter basket...ha! Success though!

heath said...

I meant to say you should hide their easter baskets in the house next year...add an extra level of fun! They would have a ball with that!


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