April 24, 2015

The Start Of The Friday Garden Updates

Outside the snow is slowly melting away.  The puddles are filling.  The crisp morning air warms each day.  Promise of spring and the end of winter has arrived to these northern lands.
 And inside we continue our daily encouragement of grow baby grow.
Cucumbers, tomatoes, broccoli, zucchini, romenesco, brussel sprouts, leeks, pumpkins and cheddar cauliflower are growing.  Oh how tiny those little seeds are.  Maybe 52 broccoli plants are a few too many but when we are so excited to see something grow maybe I get just a little bit carried away.


mother said...

52 broccoli plants? Carried away? Really??

heath said...

WOW!!! how exciting!! So you start ALL of those from seedlings? I need to see an updated picture of the inside garden ;) Grow Baby Grow!

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