April 14, 2015

Adding Color

Last month we showed you the new climbing wall that Josh and his dad built for the kids.  The thing was it was a little bland. 
 So Josh, with the help of Abigail, took a night and painted the wall purple.  Then the wall sat that way for two weeks.  Josh just wasn't sure where to go from there.  Then we through of the dr. suess look and he took it from there.  
The kids love it, and they love to climb.
Both Ethan and Abigail are able, and love, to climb all the way to the top solo now.  Abigail can also go side to side (or bouldering as it is called in climbing wall lingo) and down.  But if you ask what her favorite thing to do it would be climb up and then jump down.  My job, making sure Naomi and Ethan aren't under her at the time.  Oh boy - hope these kids realize how many gray hairs this climbing wall gives me.  So happy it brings a way to stretch, grow and learn.


Anonymous said...

I love the painting- it turns a plain old climbing wall to a whole new level of adventure!
Looks great!

mother said...

this gives them goals--Let's climb to the top of the mountain or the funny tree top. Awesome wall, Josh!

heath said...

The girls think this is JUST AMAZING!!!!! They asked if we could have one too....I laughed ;) Uncle Josh IS the best!

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