March 24, 2015

Your Story

Over the winter I found out that shutterfly was offering a code for a free photo book.  At the time I didn't have a need for any particular book but who can pass up making a free one.  I needed to think of something.  The kids love pictures.  I take a lot of them and they love to look at them.  We have our screen saver on the computer programed to our pictures so they get to see pictures scrolling by the computer screen all day long but there is nothing like looking at a picture in a book.  So I decided to make a photo book of their pictures.  Something they could touch, talk about, remember and enjoy.  Something that was ok for sticky hands, crinkled pages and lots of love.  Thus I created the Klynstra Kids photo book.  
And they love it.  So fun for them and so fun for me to see them enjoy it.  Life is memories in the making, so fun to remember them all.


mother said...

Oh. Oh. Oh. What a super idea!! Each one of the 3 is intent on examining pictures of each other. Looks like Ethan in telling a story about one of them and the girls are both right with him. Awesome pic!! (noted the tap shoes, dress and bracelets on Miss A.)
I made a kids' book (YEARS ago) from snapshots in one of those sticky page photo books. Nothing like this one you made. wow.

heath said...

Such a great idea....will be perfect for the "we never have any fun" times ;) all smiles in there ;)

heath said...

I love seeing E's little swirl in his hair :)