March 2, 2015

What To Do

I feel the kids do ok with keeping themselves entertained throughout the days.  But there are always those times when I find emotions are rising and the kids are bickering.  When I step back from it all I realize, we need something new.  The other day was like that.  Josh was home and we looked at each other over our bored/tired/getting near the end of the day kids and I said, "ok, a new project is needed - any ideas?"
 And thankfully Josh had just the thing.  Some old 2x4's that the kids had painted on the week before were pulled out, clamped down and operation hit it started.  Nails, hammers, screws and screwdrivers were the name of the game.
And just like that the tension left the house and for a little bit there was peace, as well as a lot of loud banging.  A change of pace and a change of direction always end up being good things for all of us.


mother said...

And no banged thumbs, I hope?? Love that Ethan has TWO hats on. Haha

mother said...

First look I mainly saw our little man with the 2 hats. At second (and third, fourth.....) glance I laughed to see our little miss --a rather straggly-haired and bejeweled princess at work with hammer and nails. Precious.