March 9, 2015

This Thing About Love

Yesterday we celebrated this little boy's 1/2 birthday.  We like to celebrate 1/2 birthdays.  It is a day nobody really remembers but us and it is fun to celebrate each child part way through the year.  Abigail, our little event planner, got so excited when I told her Ethan's 1/2 birthday was this weekend.  She started running around the house looking for "presents" to wrap for his big party.  I calmed her down and told her that on 1/2 birthdays all we give is love.  We were going to make cupcakes but other than that it was just going to be a day of extra love for Ethan.  

Well, Abigail was not too pleased with that.  Not at all.  She continued on her quest to find presents.  I had to reminder her off and on for the course of 2 hrs to give up the quest for the perfect present.  Finally she comes running up to me and says, "so, I know you said this thing about love...BUT."  Oh how it made me laugh.
This thing about Love.  How Ethan is loved.  Abigail decided finally on giving him her dog ears that she had made recently.  He put them upside down and pouted because that is what you can do when you are 2 1/2.  It is my half birthday and I can cry if I want too.  Lordy, Lordy only 1/2 a year left to be 2.  I have to admit I won't be sad when 3 arrives.  These days of trying 2's are well, trying.  


Anonymous said...

Very funny! Giving the dog ears was her showing love!

mother said...

I guess A showed you her love language in no uncertain terms. And why is our little man sad? Just a bit overwhelmed?