March 5, 2015

Learning To Love The Outdoors

I read a great article earlier this winter on teaching your kids to love the outdoors.  One of the tips that has stayed with me was "ditch the stroller."  Since last summer we have had Abigail walking on all of our outings but Ethan often rides.  At two I think that is just fine but do find myself trying to challenge him little bits here and there.

I have come up with some different ways to get us out for walks without our stroller that are still fun. Some days Josh will call when he is leaving the office.  I will get the kids bundled and out the door and we make it a game to see how far we can walk before daddy stops to pick the kids up for the ride home (the baby and I get the pleasure of a quiet walk home).
The day this picture was taken Josh was walking with us.  We all walked to the mailbox, which is mostly uphill, and Josh carried a sled.  This meant that if the kids could make it to the mailbox Josh would then in turn let them sled with him almost all the way home.  It was a good motivator indeed.  One thing in this article I really love is that we are encouraged to push our kids outdoors but never in a way that makes them give up and takes away the fun.  Josh and I have a lot of hiking/camping outings planned for this summer and each time the kids head out with me I tell them it is helping to get us all ready for the days when the snow is gone and the sun is high.  Being a parent means you get to share your love of things with your kids.  Well, with Josh and I put together these kids are in for a childhood of a lot of hiking, get ready kids - you just might love it too.


mother said...

Getting those little legs walking to meet Daddy's car is a super challenge. Yay for another great Mama idea!

Anonymous said...

That is a cute picture of you and the kids- there aren't many of those since you the photographer ;)
I like how you are teaching the kids what you love!

heath said...

I LOVE THIS!!!! The whole idea of this post...the game that you make to see how far you all can get before daddy makes it home ;) Makes me smile. How long does it take you these days to get everyone bundled up and out the door? I bet you have quite the system. Lastly, I agree with Hil that the pic of all of you is great!!