March 27, 2015

Grow Baby Grow

With the return of the sun dreams of the summer have arrived.  With that the garden plans.
I remember hearing educators talk once about how a lot of kids in America don't really know where their food comes from besides the store. At the time this shocked me but after some thought I realized how true this fact is.
It is so exciting for me to think that these little seeds will grow into a garden full of fun, tasty food for us.
And that these kiddos get to be part of each and every step of the way.  Might make the whole process a little more messy but nothing is better then digging our hands into the dirt when there is still snow on the ground outside!  I also am teaching them to whisper words of encouragement to our plants.  So, each day we check our starts and cheer them on with, Grow Babies Grow.

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heath said...

"Grow babies Grow"...Thank you Lord!