March 3, 2015

For The Truck

When Josh got the truck in January he asked for one thing, bags to hang on the back of the front seats.  The way the truck is, when you open the back doors the floor is flush with the opening and anything on the floor can easily fall out.  So with that request I set to work.  Amazing how with three little kids one project can take weeks.  But it does.  5 minutes here, one seam there, a thought of one design here or there and they were finally done.
 We used mesh for some of the pockets but I also made flat bottom pockets and pleated pockets to fit all sorts of different things.
Two pockets were especially designed for the first aid kit and the disinfectant wipes.  Custom pockets - advantage of making something yourself vs. buying it.  The whole things are secured to the seats via carabiners and fit perfectly.  When I gave them to Josh he went out and filled a pocket with trash bags, another with ratchet straps, and so on.  I don't get to be creative much these days.  When I get a request it is fun to get the chance sit at my sewing machine again.

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mother said...

Very, very clever. Well done. do the kids each get a pocket to put little cars or crayons or whatever??