March 23, 2015

Fairbanks, A Dog Mushing Town

Fairbanks really is a place where there is a lot of dog mushing.  Lucky for us since we don't own dogs but still get to enjoy being part of that world.
 This past weekend was a big weekend of races for speed, and endurance.  
 Unlike the Iditarod or Yukon Quest there are no heavy sleds bogged down with supplies.  These racers are out for speed and the dogs know it.
 This is our favorite race weekend since it is the end of March and warm enough to be outside and enjoy the fun without shivering.
Ahh, dogs, sunshine and family.  A fun way to spend part of an afternoon.
And just because I was able to catch them on camera - a shot of Naomi's two little teeth.  Makes our baby girl look so much more grown up.


mother said...

And not just those new little pearly whites, but I'm looking at those wonderful, soft cheeks and beautiful blue eyes!!! Charming baby girl!

heath said...

What GREAT shots!!! The one of J and N is SO sweet!!! ;) Your family makes the winter look bright and fun!!! Love you guys and your adventures!