March 6, 2015

Down One But Still Running Well

This past week has seen this crazy band of kids and I on our own.  Daddy has been off on his annual snowmachine trip with his dad.  I run solo with this crew every day but we all look forward to Josh's return from work each evenings.  So going into this vacation of Josh's I was a little nervous of just how things might turn out.  I am happy to say that, even though we still have almost two more days before daddy comes home, things are going well.
Toys aren't always being picked up, the meal calendar has been tossed aside, no baking is happening (I actually was gathering dishes to run the dishwasher yesterday since it has been three days since it was run.  Usually it is run close to twice a day), bedtimes aren't exactly on schedule, and no real cleaning has been accomplished.  I can't really say anything at all big has been accomplished actually.  No real preschool work with Abigail.  No sewing projects.  No plans have been made.  Nope, this mama is getting through this week well by making things super simple.  And with that simplicity I have been able to be a calmer, more patient mama when there aren't any back ups for parenting gig.  It is a fun way to be for a few day but I do know for sure we will all be pleased when daddy returns.

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mother said...

I'm glad you put your household routine on vacation while Josh was away. Good for everyone. I remember one Christmas school vacation when it was bitter cold out and we kept the lined draperies closed, wood on the stove, and just hung out for several days--no picking up toys, etc. It was really fun.