March 19, 2015

Breakfast In Bed

Once in awhile on a weekend when Josh or I take a turn sleeping in the other will bring breakfast in bed.  Oh what a treat it is to wake up slowly knowing the kids have been cared for and to see a plate full of good food waiting to eat (and be shared with three eager children who have missed their mama or daddy that morning.)  Whenever that has happened Abigail has begged to get the treat of getting breakfast in bed herself.  We always laugh and tell her that the only way you get breakfast in bed is if you actually sleep in and stay in bed.
Well, the other day she did sleep in.  It was a quiet morning with just Ethan and Naomi.  At 8:15 I hear this loud yelling from upstairs, "mama, mama I slept in.  Can I have breakfast in bed."  Laughing to myself I put together a small tray of a simple meal and brought it up to her.  That with a pile of books made her happy.  Yes, breakfast in bed is fun but since it took her then a hour to eat the meal I am not sure we will do it again anytime soon.  But it is a first and it is a fun memory for all of us.


Heather said...

oh the little things that make our girls feel so special and wonderful of you to indulge her.

mother said...

And just think--Abigail content in her bed for an extra hour means a bit more peace downstairs. Right?