March 17, 2015

Big Dreams

Recently the weather has been around -20 degrees.  The snow is deep and winter hangs on.  But it is time.  Time for big dreams, the feel of dirt, the sight of baby green shoots and visions of a full garden. 
Last year was a pretty pitiful garden for me.  We have enjoyed what I could get out of it this winter but it was less then in the past.  Between the pregnancy, the baby's arrival and then the cold, rainy weather it wasn't a garden to be very proud of.  But this year I am back baby and things will be better.  The seed order arrived last night.  Boy am I excited.


mother said...

Oh the wonders in a tiny pack of dry seeds. Remember--Anyone can count the seeds in an apple, only God can count the apples in a seed.

heath said...

how exciting!!! What is this Johnny's brand? I've never heard of it? Are you going to try anything new in the garden this year?

Anonymous said...

Wish you could help me with my garden. Maybe mother will at the end of April when she comes- seems like I should know more than I do between the too of you- but have a feeling when I get out there I will do a lot of things wrong without you guys!