February 13, 2015

Valentine's Day - It Is A Big Deal

Valentine's Day is a big deal here in our lives.  Not the lovely sort of deal that grownups make it out to be but a kids party heaven.  I have talked to friends in the lower 48 and it doesn't seem to be as big of a deal down there as it is here.
 After a lot of thought all I can think is that after the long dark of winter a sunny holiday full of pink, red, candy and love is just what this dark town needs.  Time to step away from the cold and dark to get together to celebrate.
 And with all that celebrating we want to be sure and let our friends know that we love them.
 We have been spending time off and on for the past two weeks putting our efforts into making valentines for all our friends.  You saw the button valentine the other day but we also came up with the squishy heart idea for our mooseketeer friends.
Abigail so so so excited about Valentines day.  She came up with the menu for tomorrow.  Salmon loaf made in the heart shaped cake pan (the loaf ends up being pink because of the color of the fish), radishes, roasted red potatoes and red Jello salad.  It is sure to be a fun day to love on each other for sure.


Anonymous said...

Ahh I LOVE Valentine's day too!

mother said...

Such a clever valentine-a squishy heart. I could mash on that all day long.

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