February 5, 2015

Their Fashion

When we are home for the day I leave the kids up to dressing themselves in whichever "home" clothes they want.  It is nice for them to make the decision and nice for me to be able to give them that freedom.  As long as it isn't a "nice" shirt that I really don't want stained with our at home activities it is available. 

Well, Ethan pushed that a little bit the other day since his favorite outfit is his blue ball ball shirt and basket ball shorts.  Most days this would be fine but when it is -35 degrees outside I had to draw the line somewhere.  On days that cold you can keep your house warm but there is always a slight chill in the air.  So I asked him to go upstairs and put on pants.  He replied, Ok Mama and a few minutes came back downstairs looking like this.
And oh how it made me laugh.  I think the combination of him loving his shorts and seeing Abigail wear skirts over her pants for years has lead to this new fashion statement for him.
Yes, seeing what the kids choose to wear each day is always a fun experiment for sure.  Someday they might care what the world has to say but for now, this is who they are and what they love.  Little kid fashion = great fun.


mother said...

And he has on the engineer hat and she is wearing tap shoes. Love it!! Kids get so little choices in their lives and this gives you the opportunity to enjoy their fashion preferences. FUN!

Anonymous said...

That is so cute that he took the time to take the shorts off and then put them back over his pants- cutie pants!!!

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