February 19, 2015

So Soon

It seems like whenever I am around other people these days there are 11 month old, one year old, 15 month olds running, walking, talking, bossing, clearly thinking and more.
 And recently it has really blown me away that in just a couple months my Naomi will be doing all that.  Where oh where have these baby days gone.
Last night we had a rare moment when she and I had arrived home before the rest of our crew.  When I took her out of the car she was so tired that she fell asleep on my as we cuddle on the couch.  I sat there knowing Josh and the other kids would arrive soon and they would need dinner, need help with this or that, need me.  But for that moment is was just me and my baby girl all curled up against me.  I thought of putting her down to sleep to get things done but quickly threw out that idea.  Oh the way she feels, her face, her steady breath as she slept.  So soon she will grow and be on the go and I will wonder just where the days have gone.  So for today I look at her.  As I chase the other kids around and take care of Josh and the household life, I look at my baby.  May I soak up her today and be able to hold these memories close.  Too soon they will be gone.  These kids are growing for sure and they just never stop.

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