February 20, 2015

On The Ice

When you live in a cold place it is important to get involved in winter sports.  But with little kids it is sometimes hard.  There is a balance of when you take the plunge, buy the gear and get your kids involved into something completely new when really they might only want to be outside for a few minutes at a time.

Josh loves to play hockey and we knew getting our kids on the ice would be something we would do.  Last year we were ready to introduce Abigail but due to her small size we weren't able to find ice skates small enough to get her started.  Thankfully she has grown enough that she became the owner of her very own skates last month exactly two days before our extreme cold snap.  But this past week the weather has warmed and she and Josh have been heading to the ice.

She is doing great.  On just her second visit she wanted to let go of Josh's hands and try it herself.  The great part of owning her own skates is that she and Josh can go to the free outdoor rinks.  So if Abigail wants to skate 5 minutes or 30 it is ok.

On Wednesday Josh came up with this bucket idea.  It is great and gives Abigail the confidence she needs as she moves.  Plus it gives Josh a free hand to take a video to bring home to me.  So here she is on her fourth visit to the ice, she really does love it.


Anonymous said...

SHE LOOKS GREAT! The bucket is a good idea and she is getting better so fast!!!

mother said...

I cannot believe that is just her fourth time on the ice!! She glides so smoothly-a natural!! Awesome to use the bucket! I am SO SO SO SO impressed!!

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