February 23, 2015

New Addition To The Family

When I wrote out my goals for 2015 I mentioned we were saving up for a new vehicle for Josh.  His had been faithful but was dying a quick and steady death of exhaustion from just too many miles driven.
 Well, the need to get that new vehicle came sooner then we thought.  The last week of January this old car just gave up.  We limped it into the dealership for a trade in and the last we know it has yet to go another mile.
But added to the family is the truck.  We have known this need for a new set of wheels was coming so Josh and I have been looking at, test driving and evaluating vehicles for quite some time now.  The ability to move this family, bikes, camping gear, strollers, trash, furniture, wood and more has arrived.  Josh has a smile on his face each time he heads into town, me I have driven it just once.  I am very happy in my jeep, very happy Josh is happy, very happy for what this truck will provide us with and very happy NOT to be responsible for something so big every day.  So, to our new truck - welcome to the family Mr. Silverado.


mo said...

And a fond farewell to Miss Impala who began in northern New York, weathered the heat of Texas roads and then cheerfully carried me up to Fairbanks. I am sure she is pleased that you chose a Chevy relative for her replacement. She was a faithful friend for a long time. We all have our limits.
Many happy and safe adventures in the shiny, new truck!

Anonymous said...

Yes welcome to the family!

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