January 9, 2015

Thoughts On Beauty

This past week and a half has been a hard one at this house.  Our little Naomi was very sick last week with a bacterial infection.  Just as that started to clear up it appears that she is struggling with a viral infection that is attacking her skin.  Our poor girl is covered head to foot in a rash.  Not one that itches it seems but is uncomfortable (thus she, and I, don't sleep much).  At the dr's this week I was told that since the rash was viral there was nothing that could be done.  With a slight bit of humor Naomi's dr. told me to, "Just relax and enjoy the view, it would be all cleared up in 3-4 days."

Made me think about appearances a lot.  About looks.  About beauty.  Really, it does come down to how we feel about ourselves so much of the time.
Just like my girl Abigail.  She does believe the fun outfits she picks out are amazing, that blinking her eyes like Minnie Mouse make her extra glamours, and that hair clips on her ears make beautiful earrings.  In this day and age of low self esteem and self image what a challenge I have to help my three kids retain the sense of beauty they see in themselves today.  


lindajo said...

The hairclips actually make very cute earrings. Hope Naomi feels better soon and you both get some sleep too.

mother said...

As I tried to teach of you, beauty is on the inside. This pic of Abigail is actually beautiful (on the outside). Her skin, smile and eyes are lovely. I can't help but wonder, does those hair clips pinch her little ears a bit??
My grandmother, while struggling to perm my straight hair ( on a quarterly basis), would try to quiet my protestations with, "You have to suffer to be beautiful!"
Ah me-I DON'T want my grandchildren to suffer!!

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