January 28, 2015

Tea Parties

The kids love tea parties.  They always have.  Another wonderful friend of ours gave Abigail a little mismatched tea set and table cloth for her birthday and it has been perfect.
These kids love a good tea party and so we party it up most days.  Nothing helps beat off the cold days of winter like a cup of warm tea, special snacks and talk in high pitched british voices.  


Anonymous said...

Talk in high pitched british voices... would love to hear that!

mother said...

Warm tea on a cold day--so comforting!! And fun!

mother said...

One more look at this picture and I laughed out loud to see the seat of the exersaucer turned inside out (or upside down, however you want to describe it). I recall being there and all the countless times we had to put in back in place before placing baby Abigail or Ethan in it. But it always comes UP with the baby and stays that way until the next placement. Such a funny thing.

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