January 6, 2015

Sitting Tall and Pretty

For about three weeks now Naomi has move more and more towards the days of toddler hood and away from infancy.  
 She has become a sitting pretty little lady.  What a wonderful time as a mother.  To be able to put out toys and set the baby down and she is happy for 5 to 10 minutes.  Amazing what a mama with two hands can do in 5-10 minutes!
 But we have also learned that our girl is very dramatic and if she is to fall over, at all, there are crocodile tears.  So blankets, carpets, pillows and more are there to protect as Naomi would sway from side to side.
And Abigail and Ethan love it.  A chance to have Naomi where they could "play" with her.  More than a baby laying in a chair or on a bed.  This was their sister, sitting, looking, watching and interacting.  It is a wonderful thing but this blog post is almost outdated already.  What is really happening today will be shared soon.  To give a little hint...sitting and watching just isn't enough for my eager little girl.

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mother said...

What sweet pictures of Naomi and her big sibs. Take a deep breath, Mama, resting in knowing she is sitting in one place. It may be only breath you get before she starts moving out into dangerous places!!

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