January 27, 2015

Making Soup

Our good friend, Ms. Mason, gave the kids a drum she made with her music class.  The kids love that drum, Ethan especially.  He plays it and sings with it all the time.
 But the drum is good for a many more things then just music.  Add in two little kids with big imaginations and you get, lunch.  The kids LOVE to use their drum to "make soup."  The drum stick is also great for stirring in all of the ingredients.  
Then when the "soup" is just perfect we all get a plate and join together in the meal.  This day the soup was made up of magnets and match box cars but you just never know what it might be full of.  True to a lot of areas of imagination.  When the fun starts there are so many ways it can turn out, just like most soups!

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Anonymous said...

Can you please update your "About Me" next to your blog to include that poor 3rd child?!!!

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