January 5, 2015

Growing Up

I mentioned last Friday that we had a big arrival coming to our house.
 And it showed up in many pieces Friday night, a set of new bunk beds for the "big" kids.
 Saturday morning was full of "helping" daddy build the beds.
 And testing them for all sorts of play.
 When the kids took a quick break to play downstairs, I took that moment to make up those new beds.
 And as soon as the kids discovered that, they were back to playing on their new jungle gym, oh I mean bed, once again.
 The nursery is becoming more a big kids room now for sure.  Naomi is still in our room, that girl needs to learn to sleep through the night, but when she is ready her bed is now empty and waiting.  It is so fun for me to go in at night and see the kids sleeping in their big beds.  Saturday night was Ethan's first night out of a crib and it made me realize how big my little man is becoming.  Abigail's little toddler bed has fit her well for these past two years, she looks so tiny in her big twin sized bed now.  But they are growing...
and how they love all the changes that brings!

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mother said...

Nice looking room! But, what is Abigail wearing???

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