January 12, 2015

Going Forward

This blog post had to come today because if I wait too long it is going to be old news.  Our Naomi is growing in leaps and bounds these days.  She is gaining weight, in the past week she grew up so much that suddenly NONE of her 6 month clothes fit any more and most importantly she is growing forward.
 I commented last week that our days of sitting pretty are over and they really are.  This girl gets set down and within a few seconds she is forward on her hands reaching, reaching and reaching until she is on her belly upset.  She wants to move so bad.  
And just a few days after the reaching started she has accomplished hands and knees.  Then just last night we put her in her crib to play while getting Abigail and Ethan ready for bed and she pulled herself up to standing.  Wow, this girl is ready to go and our life is about to change soon.  We just might have our earliest crawler about to make her move.


Anonymous said...

Go Girl Go!

I just caught up on all the blogs and LOVED them- I can't comment on them all because I just had to do over 2 weeks worth. You are such a great goal setter and achiever- Love you so much!


mother said...

Way to go, Naomi!!!

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