January 7, 2015

Ballerina Days

The other day I dressed Naomi in a little one piece sleeper suit that looks like a little ballerina outfit.  As soon as Abigail saw it she ran to get her ballerina outfit too.
 They were so excited to match that day.  Ethan was excited about all of it too although he was sad and cried just a little that he didn't have a ballerina outfit.  Oh to be a single brother with two girly sister.
Little does he know that he is a bit like glue that will hold these two ballerinas together.  But dancing, spinning and playing can be for all.  Oh how I do love these days, a trying as they can be, these days of tutus and ballerina shoes dancing away to princess music all day long.  

1 comment:

mother said...

I totally think he could find a ballerina tutu in that big dress up drawer--I know for a fact there is a pink one, even. No reason for tears. You can have 3 pink ballerinas spinning around your kitchen!! ;-)

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