December 1, 2014

Turkey Dinner and The Thanks It Brings

We were very blessed to have two thanksgivings this year.
 One we celebrated at home while Josh's parents visited early in the week.
 Each year we have our own family traditions and it was fun to see Abigail getting big enough to participate in and remember unique things we do.  One thing we always do is go around the table and using corn kernels to count each blessing we each say what we are thankful for.  Abigail loved this so much we have done it multiple nights this week.  
 Then on Thanksgiving day we went to celebrate with friends.  After cooking on Tuesday it was a great joy to me to just arrive with rolls and see the rest of the meal all prepared.
My friend had everything decorated so nicely that even the kids table had a linen table cloth, glass dishes and special small cups and silverware.  Life with three little kids is busy.  I don't know the last night I actually sat through an entire meal but even as I was up and down and up and down I felt truly cared for.  For this I was extremely thankful.  

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mother said...

I am thankful you are such a caring mother. And for all you do to not just serve healthy food, but teach gratitude and manners and grace. Not an easy job, to be sure, but you do it well!! Your table looks lovely.

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