December 11, 2014

Touch Of Christmas

We hold out on Christmas in our house until after Abigail's birthday.  But on Saturday we got right to the yearly transformation of making our house into a Christmasy one.
 First out was our advent basket.  I love this tradition.  I wrap all of our Christmas books and each day leading up to Christmas the kids each get to open one to read.  
 Also necessary was Naomi's hook.  I knitted her stocking last year when I was newly pregnant but her hook was never hung.  Now we have our five stockings hung in a row.
 This year we ran out of time for Josh to take the kids into the swamp for our yearly tree.  Instead Josh harvested one from beside the driveway and it is a beautiful one.
 After putting on the lights and the highest ornaments we lifted it up onto our armoire that is in the living room.  We have done this the past few years and it always works out great.  Josh suggested that this year we leave it a little closer to the ground but honestly it is a lot of work to keep an eye on it in addition to everything else we have going on.  Plus I love that by putting the tree up high it fills the entire room with light.
The next day the kids helped us put on all of our decorations and we were set.  The feelings of this holiday season are upon us.

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Anonymous said...

Oh the 5th hook... how cute!
I feel like having a tree up there year round would be fun. It does look super good!



Once Abigail's birthday was over, the Christmas decorations could come out! This little 3 year old, she has made each and every tri...