December 30, 2014

The Cleanup

We cleaned up Christmas last night.  The tree, decorations, stocks, tea towels, and each needle off the floor.  Things I want to remember from this year:

-Ethan singing Jingle bells, every day
-Josh calming Naomi down by holding her under the tree and letting her gaze up into the lights.
-Abigail really getting excited about Santa and asking a lot of questions
-Naomi's extreme cravings for wrapping paper - if it was around this girl wanted to eat it
-Ethan going up to everyone (cashiers, drs. friends and family) and screaming mawwey chisssmas
-Abigail wanting to use her own money to buy presents for people
-The fact that we kept giving cookies away and the kids kept eating them so we ended up making four batches of cut out cookies in one month (I am done for awhile) plus our other cookie disaster but that is a blog for another day.
-Abigail calling our daily advent calendar the "map" and listening to the kids tell the story of baby Jesus
-Abigail confusing baby Jesus with baby moses for some reason and Ethan's quick response to correct her
-The wonder of Christmas lights.  Our days are so dark that each trip to town in the car was an adventure as we looked for all the decorated houses, the kids never got tired of them.  If the house would be decorated with colored lights Abigail always called them Gingerbread houses. 
-And hearing Ethan rip away the wrapping paper on our advent books as fast as he could before I could catch him.  One day he got five while I was nursing Naomi and couldn't stop him.
It was certainly a wonderful time of year indeed.

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