December 15, 2014

The Art Of A Thank You

I was raised to write a thank you note.  As a result the kids and I always try and write thank you notes for things we are given.  Usually for the kids this means a painted hand print, a few stickers on a card, or some coloring.  But with turning 4 this month I thought Abigail could do a little more.  So the day after her birthday we set out to write Thank You and her name in the cards as a thank you to those who gave her gifts.  
Let me start by saying I think for a 4 year old she did a great job.  We started and stopped throughout the day and by the end of the day the letters N and Y weren't as intimidating as they were that morning.  But the patience, oh the patience it takes.  Lets just say I am thankful for a mother who stressed the importance of thank you notes or it would be something I would easily let slide.  But hey, we have started.  And you know what has come out of this, Abigail is more confident in her writing, she knows the letters in her name better and we have been able to thank those we love.  Kind of like childbirth, just forget the pain of the actual event and look at the results, right:-)

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Anonymous said...

I love this post and I commend your motherhood!

But actually my favorite part of this picture is your littlest child in the back with her arms in the air... happy over nothing and everything. Her turn will come for thank you notes but for now- let the party begin!



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