December 2, 2014

On Maintaining

Today this little lady in my life turns 6 months old.  Half a year has gone by since she arrived into our world.  Over the weekend I was busy doing something and it gave me pause because it was one of those "not absolutely necessary" sort of projects.  It was just something I wanted to accomplish and it was possible on that day for me to do it.  Might not seem like a big deal but after coming through those early baby months, once again, it was significant to me.  For a long time after Naomi was born people would ask me how I was doing.  The main response I would give was that I was maintaining.  I wasn't able to do extra but I was doing what I needed to and we were getting by.  But here we are.  I am coming out of that cloud of early days and things are getting a little brighter.  I am able to run more errands with the kids in town, juggle all three (mostly) successfully through story hr, grocery shopping and even JoAnn fabrics (although this only happens on a day when I am very brave.)  Yes I am tired, especially on nights like tonight when my girl is up and keeping me company at 12:45am, but it is an ok tired.  Things around that house that have been neglected are being picked up.  Abigail and I have resumed preschool workbook time during the day and a balance is being found.  
Life with a baby is never constant.  They are always growing and changing and therefor I, as the parent, must be able to adapt.  But for now I am thankful.  When people ask how things are going I just might have a different story to report!

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