December 5, 2014

Look Who Is Four

Four years ago today we were given the most wonderful of gifts.  
A little baby girl and they even let us take her home, thus making us a mother and a father for the first time.
 Amazingly we have made it through year one
 and three.
 And then just like that another year has flown by.
 Even though this girl is small she certainly has grown in so many ways.
 She grew as a big sister and every day tells Naomoi, "oh, I love you so."
 She grew in her tenderness towards others around her, in her imagination of wonderful worlds and in her love to boss those around (and if her brother won't put up with it her baby dolls work just as well (and are a little more obedient.))
 She has grown in her humor and makes me laugh so very, very hard.
 She has grown in her dreams of the future.  Not one to really know what she wants to be when she grows up but more what she wants when she grows up.  Number one on the list, a pet!
 She remains our bundle of energy girl who has only grown in stamina.  This girl loves to spin, jump, bike, leap, dance, run and then repeat all day long.
And just like that another day has arrived, another milestone passed, another day of sameness ends, until amazingly I stop and realize that those simple moments have all added up to another year gone.  Happy Birthday Abigail, you are so very loved each and every day.


grandma S said...

Oh my, Abigail-how well I remember your arrival into our world! And these pictures present a wonderful image of how you've grown and changed into a little girl from that soft, wee baby. I smiled at each one. that last picture shows you running with joy and enthusiasm into each new day ahead. Happy birthday, our little girl. Don't run too fast, please.

Anonymous said...

YES she is very loved and a wonderful addition to the world- you are wonderful parents as you raise her to be so many different things!

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