December 8, 2014

In Celebration Of Four

Abigail had a wonderful day on Friday.  It felt, as a mom, that this was the first year of traditions.  It was a wake up, you don't have to make your bed, special requests for breakfast all the way to the end of the day kind of birthday.
 And let me tell you, this was one very excited girl.  From presents to cards to phone calls.  She loved it all.  
 There was the special crowns made by daddy (the third year of this tradition)
 The opening and admiring of all gifts (and maybe Ethan just had to try some of them out too)
 She had her requested dinner of pancakes with strawberries and cool whip
 A heated game of candy land (and another little bit of entertainment I will talk about tomorrow)
 And of course the cake.  I have to say, this was the first time I have ever successfully made a frosted layer cake.  I love to bake but I am much more a pie person.  Being a mom makes me stretch out to the area of the unknown.  She was very excited about her cake but really when it came down to it, she only ate the ice cream.
I worried about the no friends just family birthday we had planned.  I worried it just wouldn't be enough.  But you know what, it was wonderful.  Our girl was happy, felt special and was adored all day.  To me that makes for one successful birthday.


heath said...

IT looks PERFECT!!! Her smile is infectious and says it all...She had a WONDERFUL day!!! ;) Way to go momma!!!

mother said...

So many smiles--my cheeks hurt just looking at these super pictures!! Perfect day for Miss A!! Good job, Mama and Daddy!

Anonymous said...

She was with all her favorite people and you did a great job!

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