December 18, 2014

Checking Our List

The kids are so excited for Christmas.  And no holiday season would be complete without a visit to see Santa himself.  
Just a week left to wait and Abigail was sure to tell Santa she was going to leave him cookies, warm milk and a carrot for his reindeer.  


Anonymous said...

That is a great picture for the memory books! no screaming children this year... you probably threatened them to take away every christmas present from now until they were 18! But you know what... it worked and now you have a GREAT photo!

mother said...

This is probably one of my FAVORITE pics of all. They have to be the cutest little kids sitting on Santa's lap EVER!!! And all smiling and sweet, even though jammed into a tight squeeze. I've shown this pic to anyone who would stand still for 5 seconds. Even strangers.

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