December 4, 2014


Tomorrow is a big day in this house.  So big in fact that we have been getting ready for it for weeks.  Tomorrow Abigail will be turning 4.  Amazing that 4 years have gone by already.  This daughter of mine LOVES birthdays.  She loves them so much that there are pretend parties each and everyday in our house.  Everyone from her baby dolls, to Ethan, to Josh and myself are celebrated over and over and over.  So the thought of her actual birthday is amazing to her.  There is a fear in me that with all this birthday love that no matter what I do she will be disappointed but I pray that by keeping things simple and focused on her she will feel loved and the goal of her day will be accomplished.  And I have seen over the past few weeks how simple celebrations are what she loves.
Because you see we have already celebrated at her great aunt's house.
And with a cupcake at my sister's house
And with grammie and grandpa when they were here.  This girl loves to hear the song Happy Birthday and to blow out candles.  Each time she is presented with such one round of this favorite song is never enough.  But relighting candles and singing once again is not hard.  After all, you only turn 4 once and shouldn't we all get as excited about birthdays.  It is a day to celebrate that person to the fullest indeed.

So far the request for tomorrow is pancakes topped with strawberries and cool whip and mini hotdog sausages for dinner with a BIG pink cake and purples frosting.  A cake big enough that all of our names can be put on it.  When I asked why she wanted everyone's name on the cake she responded that she wanted to be sure that everyone shared her cake and shared her party.  There are signs here that Abigail just might grow up to be an event planner, this girl loves to do things up right!


mother said...

When I talked to her this morning her excitement for this day was 10X her size" And oh, the details!! From her ballet slippers to the pink heart cake to the menu to the pink raspberry tea to Naomi's "Cute, little heart socks" to the piñata to the candy aisle where the candy was picked out for the piñata ("a VERY big aisle filled with candy!"). Oh, the joy and power of being the birthday girl!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh that picture at Aunt Debby's house she was beyond excited to the point of being shy... it was so genuine and sweet!

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