December 16, 2014

Celebrating Those We Love

Abigail loves birthdays.  This is something I might have mentioned a time or two before.  Each day she makes a "cake" out of this or that toys and we all sing and enjoy.  Well, last week we decided that her most beloved doll, Anna, needed a real birthday.  And since she is a doll that was mine as a little girl that I passed on to Abigail after she was born, I guess it is safe to say that her birthday would correctly be right after Abigail's.
It became an all day affair with a pie being made in the morning.  Cards being created midday.  Presents being wrapped and everything set up for when daddy got home and we could really celebrate.
Anna's present was a Christmas outfit that matches Naomi's christmas outfit.  Lets just say I had a lot of fun last January with the after christmas sales and at the point in my pregnancy when I had just found out I was having another little girl.  Abigail was very excited and she loves taking Anna with us to show off her new clothes, especially when Naomi wears the same.  

And on the birthday note, Ethan is hopping on this bandwagon as well.  The other day when I lite the candle on the dinner table he broke out into song singing Happy Birthday.  I laughed a little and then had to explain to him why I really didn't want him to keep blowing out the candle before we even started our meal.  The kids think this is a festive house for sure.


mother said...

The way little A is smiling as she holds her baby is just TOO precious for words!! Matching outfits for BOTH her babies!!! Awesome!

I remember birthday parties for the dollies of 2 little girls in our house, as well. Gift wrapping random things in the house. Fun memories.

Anonymous said...

so cute... maybe you should add Anna as one of you offspring to your blog profile. Wait!!!... you haven't even added Naomi!


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