December 31, 2014

A Year In Review

Here it is, the end of yet another year.  I have to admit, I have sort of been dreading this blog post all week.  The haze of being in a house with another newborn has put necessity in place of goals for a lot of my days.  But I do love looking back on each year and so here I am, ready to see just how I did.

Kathleen’s Goals for 2014
(In no particular order)

Potty Train Ethan.  I know he will be different than Abigail but I have high hopes that this time next year we will only have one child in diapers.
Yes, this happened much earlier then anticipated but then the training went much longer than I imagined it would.  But here at the end of the year our boy is there.  He hasn't had an accident in weeks.  The fact that I had a break this year were for two months I didn't change diapers was a wonderful thing.

Boost our savings account and see if we can manage putting more into Josh's IRA.
Yes.  No need to share details but this was accomplished and feels good.

Work daily at having more patience and grace with the kids, Josh and myself.  I am so thankful to be given the example of God's grace at my failures every day.  May I learn to share that grace with my friends and family.
No.  I feel that I was doing better at this last year then I am this year.  Being tired and learning the balance of 5 is making this hard.  But it is something I work on daily.

Successfully complete this third pregnancy healthy.  Ethan's was so hard in different ways that we have been so concerned this time around.  So far so good, lets hope the next 5 months are the same.  
Yes.  I would say that this pregnancy was a success.  I had more swelling and prelabor cramping this time around but in the end it was successful in the fact that I was active and made it to full term.

Help Abigail break her thumb sucking habit.  
Yes and no.  She is done with her daytime thumb sucking but still uses it at night.  There are reminders when she is in the car or watching a movie but we are working on it.  It isn't an all day occurrence any more.

Successfully learn to manage a family of 5.
I would say yes.  Each day is a new balance but I feel like we are getting there successfully.  

Be serious about working on phonics with Abigail.  We have a lot of letter recognition down but I want to help her figure out sounds and putting them together.
Yes.  I was so worried last spring that when Naomi was born I wouldn't be able to put in the time with Abigail and I was right.  But I found ways, other then sitting at the table work, to accomplish this.  Reading road signs in the car is a good one and having her write words was good.  At the end of the year she has gotten most of her letters down, can write over half of them and is learning the sounds they make.

Loose a large portion, if not all, of my third pregnancy baby weight.  This will be my first early summer baby.  The thought of not going through post-pardum in the winter is something I am truly looking forward too.
Yes.  I have lost all of my Naomi weight, whoo hoo, but am still working on the extra from when I was pregnant with Ethan.  But excited this is a yes answer!

Help Ethan start to really talk.
Yes.  Josh and I laugh that our boy now talks non stop.  This was such a concern last year but it is amazing what a year can do for a little man.  He loves to talk and I especially love my Tuesday nights with him.  Those nights Abigail and Josh go to town and as soon as Abigail walks out the door he starts talking and doesn't stop until I put him to bed.  I also love that he doesn't parrot, Abigail always did.  Nope, what Ethan says are his thoughts alone.

Stay focused on the big picture.  Josh and I have big plans for 2014 that are yet to be blog worthy.  It is something that has been planned, talked about and dreamed about.  But like all plans, it can easily fall through if we don't stay focused.  My goal is that by the end of 2014 we will have succeeded. 
No, we did not accomplish this but we also aren't giving up.  

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