December 23, 2014

A Visit To The Ice In North Pole

One of the perks of living in Fairbanks is that we live just 15 miles north of North Pole, Alaska.  And at Christmas time, this is a fun place to be.  
 A few days ago we took the family to the ice park in North Pole.
 We were all bundled up but weren't sure exactly how Naomi would do being carried around.  So I borrowed a sit sled from a friend and Naomi had a wonderful time.  She loved getting to sit up and see all the fun going on around her.
 The kids got to visit the reindeer that are resting up for Wednesday's big night.
 And play in all the mazes and slides that ice had been built/carved into.
 The skill that it takes to carve ice like the ice we see here in Fairbanks brings international attention each winter.  Carvers from Norway, Sweden, Russian, China, Canada and the US are seen at this ice park as well as the big ice park that is hosted in Fairbanks each March.
 The kids enjoyed the carvings but it was really the igloos, christmas themed icons and places to climb that were the most fun.
Yes, Christmas in the North Pole (alaska) is fun indeed.

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