November 19, 2014

Wake Up Call

It often seems that in the mornings my big kids wake up because Naomi cries out for me.  Although they are in their room and Naomi is in mine, the noise travels and everyone is awake at once.  This isn't a problem for Abigail as she gets up, goes potty and then comes in to see me.  It is a problem for Ethan who is still in a crib (please don't judge me, I am not ready for that switch to a toddler bed just yet.)
So when Abigail comes in, if I am nursing Naomi and just need another minute or two, I tell her to go in her room, turn on the light and give Ethan a book.  This usually works just fine and buys me those few extra minutes I need with the baby.
But it did make me laugh the other morning when I came in to get Ethan and instead of one little person in his crib I found two.  Instead of passing the book through the bars Abigail decided on personally delivering that morning's entertainment.  I loved the morning giggles I was getting from both of them that I took these quick pictures.
Mornings are a slow time for me and the kids.  The cuddles, the games, the books, the whole process of getting dressed (Ethan pick out your clothes, Ethan please put on your clothes, Ethan please find your clothes, etc...) is one I still love.  Once we all venture downstairs the day begins.  Phone calls come in, food needs prepared, chores must be done but this time before the sun rises is slow and relaxed.  The great intake of air before the steady stream of the day's force pushes us ahead. 

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The editor said...

Transition time. I really like the wording of your last sentence-very nicely expressed.

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