November 13, 2014

On Display

Abigail loves her special place, the guest room closet that I converted into a little room just for her.  She often has the place trashed but to her there is order.  She is constantly trying to hang this or that up on the wall.
A card, a picture, a note, a picture colored, a button, these things are all precious to her.  So in order to save the walls in there a little bit from loads and loads of tape, I recently hung a bulletin board for her.
This bulletin board cracks me up as there are different things hung daily.  One thing I love as a mother is to see what is special to each of my children.  I love watching Abigail in this space.  What animals get put on display, what items are put on her board, what games she creates out of her specially collected items.  It is all so wonderful, funny and a secret glance into who she is.

1 comment:

mother said...

What you say is true--a little window into her busy and growing mind! I zoomed in to see what was on the bulletin board and "The world needs more airheads..." REALLY??? haha