November 17, 2014

Learning To Give

One thing I really, really love to do each year is pack boxes for Operation Christmas Child.
This year the kids all got to help.  Naomi and I took one box to the store to see how things fit and to buy the contents.
But then at home it was a family affair to fill 12 boxes full.  It was hard for Abigail to give away those beautiful headbands, bracelets, and baby dolls.  But she gave each baby a rock and loving pat before we tucked them into the boxes.  It was a good lesson for each of the kids to think of those in need but oh how hard these lessons it can be sometimes.  Ethan enjoyed the process but Abigail is now old enough to know she would really like those toys but they just weren't for her.
After packing all the boxes I realized that I had grabbed the boxes but not the labels.  Thus I had Abigail sit down and draw me a B for the boy boxes and a G for the girl boxes so we could tell them apart.  It was a really fun moment for me as a mom to see those shaky letters being drawn out.  A glimpse of things ahead for sure.

This week is the national collection week for Samaritan's purse, Operation Christmas Child Boxes.  If you are able to pack one, or more, please do.  It is such a fun thing for some child in need but also so much fun for those of us that get to do the packing itself!

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